“Tutor, I want to buy filter, but I am not sure which should I choose!”
“Tutor, where can I purchase gears without any worries?”
“Tutor, I have purchased new gears yesterday, could you teach me?”
“Tutor, OMG … I bought worst gears suggested by the sales yesterday … What can I do?”

Since 2009, Fotobeginner has provided photography courses for more than 10 years. We receive students’ questions like above everyday. Actually lots of new students will also face the same problems. There are a lots of places we can purchase photography gears, but new students are always misled by the sales associates or even not understanding what gears do they need. To be honest, income of the sales associates are from sales commissions, the more you purchased, the more they earned! Nevertheless, no matter on packaging or quality, fake goods are very close to the genuine ones. Even  experienced photographer may not be able to check if it is genuine or not. It is not just about wasting money but also imagine if you are traveling with your family or love one, photographs are far from your expectations just because of the poor gears, how sad would it be?!

Just because of this reason, Fotobeginner has set up a gear selling department for students. At the beginning, we just simply sell products to our students, then we receive more enquiries from other visitors. So we decided to launch an online store. Not only Hong Kong students can purchase from us but also overseas customers! We wish to bring this trustworthy service to customers from all around the world.

To ensure the quality and source of products, our goods are:

  1. 100% Genuine. Direct import from official distributor
  2. Purchased from credible shops (We will even fly all the way to its origin!) if Hong Kong distributor does not provide the certain product. We will only sell products used by our tutors!

Will it be very pricey?

We always tell students not to focus on the price only but go for one with reasonable price. It is not all about money when you bought “cheapest but poorest gears”, it is about ruining your photographs that you might only have one chance to capture it! Buying gears from GearSuggest is always worry-free and reasonable price.

We provide service right after you purchased!

After purchasing suitable gears, you have to know how to use it so as to maximize the the functions of it. If you find any questions or want to seek suggestions and helps from our tutors. You can contact our tutors through Online Messenger, Email ([email protected]) or Whatsapp (+852 9441 0700)!

We will only suggest gears that we are using!

Sales will suggest a lot of gears to customers, but they may never try the product themselves! The reason why they will suggest certain gears maybe just because of high commission or contribution to the sales target. GearSuggest only sell products our industry professionals use.


This is the story behind GearSuggest!


Alex Tam
GearSuggest Founder, Fotobeginner Photography Tutor